Background Check Instructions

Important notes:

  • Review all information for accuracy before submitting. Incorrect information will delay the process.
  • It is important to schedule the drug screening within 48 hours of receiving the screening email.

Step 1: Authorize the background check.

If a decision is made to move forward after you apply, you’ll receive an email detailing the next steps, which include reviewing your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, authorizing a background check, and scheduling a drug screening.

You’ll receive a separate email from Sterling Talent Solutions (also known as TalentWise) with a link to review the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Follow the link and review the summary of your rights.

Next, navigate back to the email from Sterling and follow the second link to authorize your background check. Enter the temporary password included in the email, and verify your date of birth to continue.

You’ll be required to create your own password before continuing.

When you first access the secure portal, the system will notify you to complete and sign the disclosure and authorization forms. Launch the task, and review the information regarding electronic signatures.

The next few sections provide details and disclosures on the background check process. After acknowledging, complete the personal information section and verify your electronic signature.

Next, provide final authorization for the background check and enter your driver’s license number.

Finally, review your information for accuracy and click submit.

Step 2: Schedule and complete the drug screening.

After authorizing the background check, you’ll receive an email from Sterling to schedule a drug test. It’s important to schedule with drug screening within 48 hours of receiving this email, and to complete the test within 48 hours after scheduling.
Follow the link in the drug screening email to begin. Log back into the portal with the password created in step one if necessary, and launch the Drug screening task from the dashboard. Enter your ZIP code or address to find the testing facility nearest you.

If you select an urgent care facility, you will be assigned a designated window of time to complete the screening. Other facilities provide the opportunity to schedule your screening within a set amount of time.

After selecting your preferred location, you must print the ePassport or select the option to send it to your phone. Make sure to bring the ePassport to your screening, along with photo ID

Results of a completed background check and drug screening are typically available within 3-5 business days.