Keeper Talks at the Columbus Zoo

Germain Columbus Zoo Keeper Talks

Columbus Zoo Keeper Talks

The Columbus Zoo offers “Keeper Talks”, everyday 30 minutes throughout the day from March 17th through October 28th. Located throughout the zoo in the Heart of Africa, the Shores & Aquarium, the Congo Expedition, and more, each Keeper Talk focuses on a particular animal such as the lions, gorillas, penguins, and even the Discovery Reef Diver.

Sponsored by, Keeper Talks allow Columbus Zoo visitors to hear straight from the zookeepers’ mouths about how they care for the animals, how they train the animals, and how you can help protect their cousins in the wild.

Germain Columbus Zoo Keeper Talks Staff MemberSo next time you’re at the Columbus Zoo, we hope you schedule time to hear from the people who know your favorite animals best — the Columbus Zoo Zookeepers! See the schedule below for times and locations for daily Keeper Talks.

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Columbus Zoo Keeper Talks Schedule

2018 Schedule:
Mar. 17 – Apr. 30 (Weekends Only)
May 1 – Sept. 43(Daily)
Sept. 4 – Oct. 28 (Weekends Only) *additional times for Boo at the Zoo

Time Show Region
9:30 am Vervet Monkeys Heart of Africa
10:00 am Lions Heart of Africa
10:30 am Bears Polar Frontier
11:00 am Tigers Asia Quest
11:30 am Rhinos Asia Quest
1:00 pm Discovery Reef Diver Shores and Aquarium
1:30 pm Gorillas Congo Expedition
2:00 pm Bonobos Congo Expedition
2:30 pm Aldabra Tortoises Shores and Aquarium
3:00 pm Penguins Shores and Aquarium
3:30 pm Australia Aviary Australia and the Islands