Germain Cars Winter Service Event

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The GermainCars Winter Service Event

Many of us made a New Years Resolution to get ourselves back into shape, but at Germain dealerships across Florida, Michigan, and Ohio we’ve made a resolution to help you get your car back into shape!

The GermainCars Winter Service Event is going on now at all our dealerships. You can expect some of the best deals of the year on needed maintenance and repairs like new tires, brakes, or batteries. If all your car needs its next maintenance service, we’ve got service coupons for that too!

Or maybe you’ve been putting off a needed repair or accessory upgrade. Well there’s no reason to wait any longer because during the GermainCars Winter Service Event, you’ll find discounts and coupons that will save you money on getting your car back into shape. Just select your nearby Germain dealership below and instantly view their current special offers and even schedule your appointment – all just a click away!

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Ann Arbor, Michigan Dealerships

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