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If your monthly payment wouldn’t change, would you be interested in driving a brand-new vehicle instead of your current one? You might call the thought of upgrading to a new car or truck without having to come-up with thousands of dollars to do so “too good to be true.”

We call it the GermainCars Trade-Up Program.

How to Trade In Vehicles at GermainCars

Every vehicle comes to a point in its life cycle when the remaining balance of the original lease or loan can actually be LESS than what the vehicle is currently worth – putting the owner in an equity position. That equity position can be used to cover the up-front costs of a new vehicle lease or purchase – meaning you can Trade-Up to a new vehicle with no money out of pocket!For owners who purchased or leased their vehicle from one of our dealerships, we use powerful software that is continuously analyzing our clients’ remaining lease or loan balances as well as current manufacturer incentives AND the current market values for used cars to identify vehicles in this position. We have contacted you because we believe your vehicle is in such a position.

So if you are concerned because:

  • The warranty on your vehicle has expired or is near expiration
  • Maintenance costs like new tires or brakes are coming soon
  • You wish your vehicle had the latest safety features

Or you just want to be driving a brand-new car again, you owe it to yourself to talk with one of our Trade-Up Specialists about your specific vehicle.We’re experts at facilitating your upgrade to a new car with our fast, simple, and transparent Trade-Up Process. Just click the button below and we’ll get the process started!

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