Vehicle Maintenance Programs

Vehicle Maintenance Programs

When shopping for your next new vehicle, there are certainly a variety of factors to consider before you ultimately make your decision. From the vehicle itself to the ownership experience you’ll receive, brands continue to compete with one another to earn a spot in your driveway. One of the latest perks that many brands have added to their portfolio are complementary scheduled maintenance programs. Designed to add both value and convenience, many brands now cover your first maintenance visit (or in some cases, visits) at no charge to you. This takes the guesswork out of how and where you’ll take your new car for service while simultaneously adding plenty of value to your purchase when you factor in the cost of maintenance services.

If you’re curious about which brands offer free maintenance visits, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at the Germain Motor Company has assembled this helpful guide that lists brands that currently offer complimentary maintenance programs along with the specific benefits that you’ll enjoy when you buy a new vehicle from that brand. Let’s begin!

Which Brands Offer Complimentary Maintenance?


BMW Ultimate Care

Term Length – 3 Years / 36,000 Miles (whichever comes first) as outlined in the vehicle’s Maintenance booklet
Covered Components – Engine Oil, Cabin Micro Filter(s), Remote Control/Key Battery, Engine Filter, Engine Air Filter(s), Vehicle Check, Brake Fluid, Spark Plugs, Fuel Filter (diesel engines only)
Transferability – Only within household (current or former spouse or spousal equivalent, child, sibling, grandparent, or grandchild from the initial purchaser, owner, or lessee of a vehicle)
Other Terms – Must be performed by authorized BMW service center

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Cadillac Certified Service

Term Length – First service visit
Covered Components – Oil and oil filter change, 4-tire rotation, and Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection
Other Terms – Must be performed at an eligible participating Cadillac dealership within first 18 months of vehicle delivery. Does not include air filters.

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Chevrolet Complete Care

Term Length – First service visit within 12 months (gas vehicles, electric vehicles), first service visit within 24 months (Corvette)
Covered Components – Oil change and oil filter change, Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection, 4-tire rotation (gas vehicles). 4-tire rotation and Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection (electric vehicles). Mobil 1® oil change and Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection (Corvette).
Other Terms – Maintenance visit must occur at an eligible participating Chevrolet, Buick or GMC dealership within the first year of vehicle delivery. Does not include air filters. See dealer for other restrictions and complete details.

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FordPass Rewards

Term Length – FordPass Rewards points are earned with the purchase of a new Ford vehicle. Points are redeemable for maintenance or service visits. FordPass Rewards Point balances expire and are forfeited when a member has not earned Points, redeemed Points or fulfilled a reward earned through FordPass Rewards for 730 consecutive calendar days.
Redemption Terms – FordPass Rewards Points can be redeemed for any qualifying transaction (including service visits) at any participating dealership. See your Ford dealership for more information on redeeming FordPass Rewards points for eligible service or maintenance visits.

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GMC Pro Grade Protection

Term Length – First service visit within 12 months
Covered Components – Oil change and oil filter change, Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection, 4-tire rotation.
Other Terms – Maintenance visit must occur at an eligible participating Chevrolet, Buick or GMC dealership within the first year of vehicle delivery. Does not include air filters. See dealer for other restrictions and complete details.

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Honda Service Pass

Term Length – 2 Years / 24,000 Miles (whichever comes first)
Covered Components – Oil Changes, Tire Rotation, and Multi-Point Inspection
Other Terms – Certain models may require different maintenance schedules as recommended by the vehicle’s Maintenance Minder system and described in the vehicles’ Owner’s Manuals. See a Honda Dealer for vehicle eligibility, coverage details, and exclusions. Valid only in the United States of America.

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Jaguar EliteCare

Term Length – 5 Years / 60,000 Miles (whichever comes first)
Covered Components – Covers factory recommended scheduled maintenance as detailed in the Passport to Service for your Jaguar vehicle.
Other Terms – Wear and tear items (e.g., brake pads and windshield wiper blades) are excluded. In order to receive scheduled vehicle maintenance, you must bring your vehicle to an authorized Jaguar Retailer within 1 month or 1,000 miles of the scheduled maintenance interval. Customers who do not bring their vehicle to a Retailer within the required time for scheduled maintenance may not receive the missed interval service.

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Jeep Wave®

Term Length – 2 Years / Unlimited Mileage
Covered Components – Oil Changes and Tire Rotations
Other Terms – Membership terms may vary based on Model Year and Purchase/Lease Date. Jeep Wave® memberships have been expanded to all purchased or leased Jeep® Brand vehicles starting with the 2021 model year. Membership for Jeep Wave® included as part of an eligible vehicle purchase begins on the vehicle’s in-service date. Jeep Wave® members can go to participating U.S. authorized FCA US LLC dealers to redeem their oil change and tire rotation services.

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Term Length – First and Second Scheduled Maintenance Visits (6 Months / 5,000 Miles and 12 Months / 10,000 Miles, whichever comes first)
Covered Components – See Warranty and Services Guide for details. For Lexus vehicles registered and normally operated in the continental United States, U.S. territories and Canada.
Other Terms – A complimentary vehicle wash, complimentary loaner vehicles, and shuttle services may be available at the time of service. Subject to availability. See your Lexus dealer.

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Mercedes-Benz EV Integrated Service (Electric Vehicles Only)

Term Length – Up to 2 Years (first two covered maintenance visits in 2-year period for EQB, all other EQ vehicles receive first service as complimentary.)
Covered Components – Dust filter change, activated charcoal filter change, wiper blade replacement, a multi-point inspection and much more unless specified otherwise in the Maintenance Booklet.
Other Terms – Subject to manufacturer’s requirements. Please check vehicle Maintenance Booklet. EQB receives first 2 complimentary services, all other EQ vehicles receive first visit as complimentary. See dealer for details.

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Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan (Non-Electric Models Only)

Term Length – 1 Year / 10,000 Miles (whichever comes first)
Covered Components – Based on engineer-approved maintenance sheets for your Porsche model, all specified maintenance parts and labor are covered for each service depending on your PSMP plan.
Other Terms – This included first service on internal combustion engines (ICEs) is generally due at 1 Year/10,000 miles based on when your vehicle is officially registered in the Porsche system. Please note, however, that service due dates/mileage may vary by model. Porsche recommends reviewing your owner’s manual for more information on the specific recommended service intervals determined by Porsche’s engineers in Weissach. Only valid in the country in which the vehicle was purchased and only at authorized Porsche dealers. Items not specified in the Maintenance booklet, or that result from wear and tear, are not covered. Examples of excluded items include brake pads, rotors, and tires.
Transferability – The PSMP coverage remains with the vehicle, so even if you trade or sell your Porsche vehicle before the plan expiration, coverage continues for the remainder of the term selected.

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Term Length – 2 Years / 25,000 Miles (whichever comes first)
Covered Components – Engine and oil filter change, tire rotation, multi-point inspection, inspect and adjust fluid levels. Consult the vehicle’s Maintenance Guide for factory-recommended service and intervals. Service requirements and intervals vary by model.
Other Terms – Toyota recommends service every 6 months or 5,000 miles. Vehicles serviced based solely on time will receive up to 4 services under the ToyotaCare plan. Certain models require a different maintenance schedule as described in their Maintenance Guide. Excludes those items listed in the Maintenance Guide under Special/Severe Operating Conditions.

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Volkswagen Carefree Coverage

Term Length – 2 Years / 20,000 Miles (whichever comes first)
Covered Components – Manufacturer-recommended maintenance interval services as stated in the vehicle’s maintenance booklet.
Other Terms – See dealer or owner’s literature for provided services, exclusions, and time and other limitations. The Carefree Maintenance program does not provide tire rotations, or other services or parts not specified in the owner’s literature.

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