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Out of all the various systems and components found on your vehicle, the battery is often the most neglected despite being among the most important. Every day, you count on your battery for more than just the ignition power needed to start your car. In fact, each component that needs electrical power relies on your battery in order to function as they should. Power seats, power windows, interior lights, headlights, windshield wipers, and radios are each examples of features which count on your battery. Instead of waiting until the day when you find yourself stranded with no power, it’s important to know and understand the condition of your battery.

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Car Battery Maintenance Tips

  • Know Your Local Climate – You may not have ever considered it, but the climate where you live and drive actually has a noticeable impact on the health and lifespan of your battery. Contrary to popular belief, warmer climates generally have a much harsher effect on the performance of your battery than a colder climate does.
  • Date Codes – Commonly located on the top or side of the majority of car batteries is a date code which indicates exactly when your battery was manufactured. The code starts with a digit and a letter; 14 would indicate 2014 and is followed by a letter identifying the month, A representing January, B representing February and so forth. As your battery gets older, the likelihood that it may need replaced increases.
  • Cables & Clamps – In order to achieve a reliable connection, cables and clamps must be tightened securely around the terminals of the battery.
  • Corrosion Buildup – As time goes on, corrosion can collect around battery terminal posts. In order to perform reliably, battery terminals must be cleaned. Excessive corrosion buildup can also indicate that your battery is weakening or dying.
  • Electrical Features – A good habit to practice is switching off features of your vehicle which use electricity including interior lighting, display screens, and fog lights when not in use. Leaving these features off when not being used can help reduce excessive drain and help extend the life of your battery.

Common Signs and Symptoms of a Weak or Dying Car Battery

Rather than waiting until your battery completely dies, take some time to address the common warning signs of a dying or weak battery. You can trust the service professionals and factory-trained technicians at Germain Cars to inspect, diagnose, or replace your battery should you begin to experience problems. Listed below are some of the most typical indications that your battery might need some attention.

dimming lights

Dimming of Exterior/Interior Lights

If your interior or exterior lights dim or flicker during normal use, your battery could be on its last legs. It’s likely struggling to hold an adequate charge to supply power to the lighting systems.

delayed engine crank

Delayed Engine Crank or Start

Hesitation or a slow cranking condition when turning the key to start the ignition is another sign that it might be time for a new car battery.

battery warning light

Check Battery Warning Light

A “Check Battery” warning light appearing on your dashboard is your vehicle’s way of alerting you to a potential problem with your battery or the charging system.

low fluid level

Low Fluid Level

Typically located on the top side of your battery is a small window through which you’re able to inspect the amount of fluid found inside. Should this fluid level fall below the lead plates inside, we recommend that your battery and charging system should be inspected by a factory-trained technician.

Genuine OEM Batteries and Certified Technicians

Each Germain Motor Company dealership carries a complete selection of Genuine OEM batteries that are engineered to the exact specifications of your vehicle. You can trust each dealerships’ staff of factory-certified technicians to install your new battery using specialized diagnostic equipment and repair tools. Experience greater confidence and peace of mind from the knowledge that your vehicle will continue to deliver years of reliable performance.

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