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On any vehicle, one of the most vital safety components is certainly the brake system. It’s always essential to have the ability to come safely to a stop, regardless of your driving style. Another important fact to remember is that even a tiny problem with your brake system could potentially risk your safety on the road. Since brake components are designed to wear out, they will require replacement as the miles start to add up.

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When is the proper time to replace my brakes?

Once your vehicle begins to experience the typical symptoms of worn-out brakes, count on the service professionals at each Germain Motor Company dealership to address the issue and service your brakes. The good news is that many of the common signs of weakening or damaged brakes can be detected when you’re behind the wheel.

  • A “Service Brakes” warning light has appeared on the dashboard of your vehicle
  • You notice a “screeching” or “grinding” metal-on-metal sound when your brakes are applied.
  • Your brake pedal requires more pressure in order to be fully depressed.
  • The vehicle vibrates or pulls to the side under braking.

Germain Cars Factory Certified Technicians

Have Your Brakes Inspected and Serviced by Factory-Certified Technicians

In order to ensure your safety on the road, especially during adverse weather conditions, the brake system on your vehicle must be 100% reliable. At the first sign of brake issues, trust the factory-certified technicians at your local Germain Motor Company dealership to correctly diagnose and repair your brake issues. You’ll be able to stop with greater confidence from knowing that we use only Genuine OEM replacement components designed to meet the original specifications of your vehicle. Enjoy superior stopping power and added peace of mind from knowing that your brakes will operate as they should when you need them the most.

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